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What happens when YOU choose NOT to pay

20141214_161730Plenty happens when YOU don’t pay up.

It has such far reaching consequences. It doesn’t matter if you purchased an item on credit, or a custom made item from a small independent business.

#1… It is tantamount to STEALING ~ So SHAME on you.

Odds are good that while you are enjoying your stolen goods, you are still also enjoying plenty of other things that you chose to pay for. (Cigarettes, booze, expensive dancing lessons , a new pair of shoes… etc)

** The difference being is that you walked into an establishment and paid on the spot**  How is that different from ordering from independent businesses? IT’S NOT! …. I would bet that said person probably took advantage of a friendship, or presumed upon acquaintance.

Again… SHAME on you.

So- aside from Stealing, other ramifications of you choosing to pay up include;

possible closure of a small business~ after all, a business would have to spend many man hours (that’s money) , stamps and ink (more money!) paper (bingo- money) and telephone calls (yep- more time and money!)  trying to track you down. For a very small business, just a couple of non payng customers can break them when they are starting out.

stagnant growth of a business- getting burned by a customer can make a business fearful of growth.. What if it happens again?

** Closure or slow growth can cripple a rural business district or even make the difference between whether the owner has to go get a second job to keep a roof over their kids heads because you are enjoying your stolen goods without the benefit of payment.

YOUR bad reputation– Especially if the offender lives in an area when many know them.. word gets around fast. And then nobody will trust you again.  Word gets around… Thanks Social Media!

It trickles down to other businesses the one you stole from uses… By not paying you bill, you in turn may make the business unable to bay their suppliers, thus perpetuating the cycle.

These are just some of the ways Not paying for goods received can hurt.

Not to mention the added strain put on families when there’s no extra money for the same treats you expect to enjoy with yours. Not enough money to pay their own bills. ~ The bickering, bitter disappointment, disillusionment and so on.. These things pull families apart.

YOU expect your paychecks to appear on time and in full. So do we.


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