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Mama’s Green Chili

“What is the difference between Red and Green Chili?”img_9427

Yes. I have actually been asked that by “northerners” who have neither seen or tasted it.

This easy recipe has been on hand for more than 20 years. Tried and true and easy to make hotter or leave mild.  And by “hotter”- I mean it’s easy if you live somewhere (not here!) where you can just go the market and grab some Hatch or Serranos or heck.. even just plain old Japs….

~I only know how to make one size… but I imagine this would reduce well.~

This makes a dozen high quality tupperware containers (cool-whip and sour-cream!)

2-3 lbs (diced small) pork  (butts, chops, whatever) (Dillon- that’s like 1 baby pork loin or 8 chops)                                                                                                                                                           Olive Oil                                                                                                                                                            +/- 7 cloves Garlic-minced      /   1 huge onion-diced     /  some Japs-diced /                            1-2 quarts  chicken broth or stock /  about 26 oz (lg can) diced green chilis /   img_9421                       +/-    3 scoops (or cans) diced tomatoes (scoop= sm s.cream container size) /                         2tsp Oregano /   3/4-1 cup  (dry) cilantro  /  salt to taste

~ Brown pork in olive oil- put in large pot… Like a stock pot. Sautee O’s & Garlic. Add to pot. Add chix stock. Add chili’s and toms. Add spices. Stir from bottom to help heat evenly.     ~Thicken with cornstarch & water or with roux if you want too.

…….Great over Mexi-burgers,  with taquitos…..

**Handy dandy tips for my Boyz**

Mom sez–  OnionsYellow= middle of the road- except WallaWallas & Vidalias are sweet onions (like on brgs) White= sharp/hot  Red = sweet.

img_9422Chix stock– A Quart is the same as the large canning jars you guys take from me! You can use fresh stock, cubes (that’s like 8-10 per 2 Q’s) or Swansons.

Spices– look for DRY spices. Most grocery stores have a bulk/organic img_9425section.. Or… you could use a cup of like Salsa dry mix if you had too.

Peppers– For just ‘some’ heat- dice a few (not a bunch) Japs and add. If you want to be on fire.. add ONLY 1-2 Serrano or hatch chilis.

Thickening– Did you pay attention when mom used cornstarch???  put a couple spoonfulls  (like a cereal spoon) cornstarch in a small dish and add a smidge of water to dissolve. Add to chili and stir in.(takes a few minutes) . It should thicken to a gravy consistency. If it doesn’t… add more.  Roux essentially butter/flour… does the same thing. A little more involved…

Pork- No pork? or not enough? In a pinch, you could use cubed chicken breasts.

Love, MOM





Super simple Chicken Ala King

IMG_1142   This simple recipe is a great way to have a ‘traditional’ Ala King or rev it up with leftover garden veggies or whatever else sounds good.

1 stick Butter           2/3 C flour       a tsp of salt

2 C chicken broth       2 C Milk

2 C cubed and cooked chicken

2 -3+ C  mushrooms and peas

In saucepan melt butter over medium heat. Add flour and whisk quickly to form a stiff roux. Add chicken broth and milk and whisk. Stir over medium heat until thickened. (about 10 min) Add in Chicken and veg and cook until everything is heated. Pour over noodles, rice, toast or mashed potatoes.  ( it’s great over garlic toast!)


IMG_1136 IMG_1137

~ Handy dandy hints and tips:

Chicken: we just dice up a couple chix breasts. You can use leftover chicken too. Or turkey.

No Chicken? That’s ok too! use pork! or leave the chicken out and pour the sauce over steak medallions.

Broth can be whatever is handy… Campbells or Swansons (or whoever) ready made broth, leftover stock, bullion cubes (if you use these- dissolve in boiling water first.. we use extra cubes for better flavor)

Veg: Use whatever sounds good… tomatoes, dill- gives it a fabulous extra flavor, garlic, onions, chives – I like Portabella mushrooms, ~ it’s a great way to get rid of some excess produce.

Stretch is as leftovers… you can reuse the sauce as a fabulous soup! just reheat on medium and add a little more broth or milk and more goodies. Makes a good cheezy soup base.  forks

Whisk: If you don’t own a whisk (my son 😉 )  use two forks. Many times it a actually works better. Like on eggs.

It takes about as long to boil a pound of noodles as it takes the sauce  to thicken.



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