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Cranberry Shortbread Cookies

You  asked for it… you got it!

Mama’s super duper easy melt-in-your-mouth Cranberry Shortbread Cookie recipe.

ONLY 5 INGREDIENTS!!!!!! shortbread2

1C Butter (room temp)       3/4 C Powdered Sugar         1tsp Almond* flavoring (Vanilla is fine too)               2- 1/4 C flour          Some chopped up dried cranberries (blueberries.. whatever) **Some almond slivers are wonderful in these!!**

Oven to 325                                                                         Line cookie sheets w/ parchment.                                 Mix ALL ingredients together in mixer. It will be Crumble-y  (If you need to add a smidge of water or milk).  It will stick together when you make a ball.    Roll out about 1/2 inch thick. (works best between parchment)  Cut out.                                  Bake 8-12 minutes.  Just until edges start to turn golden.   Let cool.

Eat them up, yum!



~Notes to my kids~                                                     *Yes-soft butter, NOT melted! There is some fancy scientific reason why it cooks differently.    Google it, if you’re wondering why.                       **For basic shortbread leave out cranberries                                                                         ***Parchment paper is NOT the same as waxed or butcher paper.                                            ****You do not need cookie cutters or a rolling pin… you can use a knife or a glass… and bottle of wine/beer or a glass will work as rolling pin in a pinch.    *****Need to decorate them? Dip ’em in melted chocolate (after baking) , brush them with water and sprinkle (before baking!)


L-A-R-D you are a friend of mine!


How do I love thee? Let me list the ways~

Mouthwatering cakes, finger-licking good fried chicken, crispy onion rings….well you get the idea. But I could go on.

Potato Pancakes…. sizzling!

In todays world, most people cringe when you say LARD. “Whaaaaat?? Lard???? That’ll kill you! ”   In the past century some of the greatest recipes called for rendered lard.  Pork. Beef. Chicken. What do you think people used before all these processed oils???

(*ok.. besides the Italians, Greeks and Spanish that had a direct line to God with their olive oils.)

In the years we butcher a pig, we render our own.~ otherwise I suffer with Armour or Morrell  because it’s what we can find locally. Want to know how to render your own lard?? here’s a great link for making your own in the crock pot :

My grandmother made the moistest, richest chocolate cakes with lard. And I have made some incredible Chocolate/Apricot COOKIES with a recipe gleaned from an old boyfriends mom…. It was in  her WW2 era cookbook.1305759103-minimalistic-cookie-monster-pac-man-wallpaper

 Happy cooking!


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