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Are we Ranchers or Farmers?

That’s a tough one answer!

I think we’re “Franchers”

We have both cattle and crops. Though we have just crossed over to focusing more on cattle and all  it entails.


Depending on who you ask, or where you live.. you are one or the other.

If we lived in Montana … the general consensus is that if you have just one hoofed critter, you ARE a rancher.  However… if you have milk cows, you ARE a farmer. As in ‘dairy farm’.

Many farmers will argue that many ranches are part granger , therefore farms.

Trivia: In Australia  they are called sheep and cattle Stations. img_7317

Cattle Ranch. Dairy Farm. Sheep Ranch. Fish Farm. Buffalo Ranch.  Goat Ranch. Boneless Chicken Ranch. Game (wild) Ranch. Art Farm. Nut Farm. Fruit Farm. Fur Farm. Emu Farm. See a pattern here??

Typically- in ranching- they have always been ranchers. Farmers on the other hand are img_6158more typically ‘diversified’. Especially in the mid west.  We are diverse.. cattle, small grains and mobile yard art (chickens).

Farmers are not romanticized the same way ranchers have been. Cattle drives across the wild prairies and so on evoke our imagination. Plain old practical farming doesn’t seem to be as gripping!

When our Nation was young, having cattle and crops, or a dairy cow or chickens was not only a means to making it, it was also extra money at the end of the year. Butter and extra eggs could be sold.  A great book to read on this is Women of the Northern Plains by Barbara Marchello. And by the way- If you ever get a chance to hear her speak… GO! It is an eye opener to what Farm and Ranch women did ‘back then’img_7227

Our farm has always been known as a farm. For nearly 100 years, the hubby’s family have farmed this land we are on. And while there has always livestock, it was always called ‘farm’. So I guess for now, we will remain farmers.


Out and about our place



snow drifts are 4′ high

Well- It would seem we live in a crater. A giant, deep snow crater. Like Crater Lake- only smaller.  Much smaller. (been there!)


Push…Dig… Pant. Repeat.

Okay more like I dig while the hubb’s sits cozy and snug in his big boy toy pushing snow into giant piles.

A couple of good things have come of it…. I am no longer as out of shape as I thought I was- and I have my owner personal sledding hill right in the yard!

15622388_10205893217527925_1012169291205005549_n img_9739 15873299_10205981577776876_4075851057956956910_n 15178305_10205720077999545_2025185197857251877_n

The chickens hate me right now- they won’t even step on the snow. I had to lay a little 15590615_10205880211802790_7486325957014445934_nstraw path for the chickadees to walk outside. I swear they are worse than a pampered house dog sometimes!

Enjoy the photos!


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