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A tale of 3 cities….My first adventure in small town advocacy

Okay- so maybe not quite “cities”…. Cope, Anton and Idalia  are technically listed as OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“villages”

I happened to land in Cope in a quirky twist of fate… You see, many years ago, we bought acope4 001 café sight unseen on a handshake at a football game in Denver. That’s another story.

Cope had a population of 97. We helped grow it to 101.

Now, if you’ve ever lived in a very small rural community, you KNOW that revenue is hard to generate and so is entertainment.

We had the bright idea of starting “Café Racing”one summer.  We had a little go- cart, and cope4 001so did another family in Anton (pop 20) and another in Idalia (pop 115 +/- at the time)

So, we decided that to drum up business for each café in our towns,we would race around the café in Cope one weekend, and the other towns the following weeks… and then repeat.  ~you could call it ‘Redneck Revenue’~

It only lasted a few months, but it was fun and did what it was supposed to do.

~Yes~ our little homemade go carts were wildly unsafe… kids strapped in with old back braces screwed to plywood and borrowed bike helmets…. But we all made it safely  and the kids still talk about that summer.

Café Racing  was a lesson in cooperation and collaboration with other towns. It was the start of “could be’s” Which led to other adventures….and bright ideas

cope3 002

Part of the “Toasties” café crew ~ Carmen, Dale, Jens & me


Now I am using over 25 years of gained knowledge to help others get things started in their communities and learn to connect with neighboring towns.



Small town Memorial Day is memorable

Memorial Day is special to us. I am a mother of sons who serve. A  daughter, niece, granddaughter, great granddaughter (and even further back) of gallant men who have given me the freedom to live here in this wonderful country.


Mr Wicklander WW2 and Lt Col Kroh

We live in the center of everywhere…. 25 miles to this town, 20 to that one, 18 to another and so on…


This year  we chose to go to Washburn (22 miles)  for their 133rd Memorial Day service.

Small towns provide a level of interaction and accessibility not found at large events in bigger cities.

By far, this photo on the right is the best capture of the day. It speaks volumes. 

And it is fabulous that you can right up to Ray W and just chat away.

Small towns celebrate everybody- Washburn has a memday5‘Wall of Honor’ hanging – and EVERYBODY from here has an embroidered star with their name on it that has served or is serving.

Our speaker for the day was my dear friends father Lt. Col. Kroh- he spoke on military medics and how they have changed from the Civil War forwards. It was really quite interesting.

Small towns also do a ‘Roll Call of the dead’ . They name each name, what war (or wars) they served in- Civil War, Indian, Spanish-American, Korean, Vietnam ,right up to today.  And also give the cemeteries where they are buried.

It is very moving.

Part of the ceremonies is the 21 Gun salute at the cemetery. This was particularly moving~memday4 Lt Wicklander  WW2 Vet, even though he can barely get around INSISTED on standing for The Colors. BRAVO!!!!






Small towns have parades, pot lucks, and all manner of folks visiting. memday6 Patriotism is everywhere.


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