Glitter ducks and ‘FlaminCows’

Had ya’ll at ‘Glitter Duck’ didn’t I??? blingduck

We were at an auction last night, and they were selling some duck decoys.  So I related the story of my duck decoy buying experience.

Many years ago, a whole boodle of beautiful duck decoys came up for bid. I mis-understood and when the gavel fell and the man hollered “How Many??” I, of course hollered right back “Well- ALL of them!!, DUhhhhh”

Hubby immediately jumps up with a “OH, HELL NO” of his own.  In the end I got One duck. Sighhhhhhh.

Hubby: What the heck-o do you want them all for anyway???                                                    Me: I’m going make Glitter Ducks for our duck pond!

Why??? Because I could, and I thought my 1 goose and 1 duck and assorted chickens would enjoy seeing them float around.


Part of my personal herd

Which brings us to the FlaminCows. Have you ever seen one in the wild??? They look suspiciously like their cousins the Flamingo. But cooler.


Around the same time as the Glitter Duck incident, we lived on small acreage. I wanted a cow. Hubby said N-O.

Then I drove by a flower shop and spied a huge plastic yard ‘Mingo. It immediately got a paint job and some smaller ones to go with it.

Viola!!~ I had my very own HERD.


Hanging with Metal Man


In an interesting twist, people driving by would pull in and ask where I got such cool critters…. I ended up painting selling a bunch that summer! ~ Still keep a small herd to watch over the garden.




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