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A sell is a sell- Part 3-Looks Matter

A sell is a sell. Period.

Yes! Your looks matter.

It’s a fact. Male or female, it doesn’t matter.  We’re not talking Fredericks of Hollywood sexy… just tasteful.

curvy lady

Classy not Trashy

You don’t have to be a super model.  Tall or short, thick or thin. Simply looking your best at work makes all the difference in the world in how people perceive you.

men in jeansPretty simple- Classy not Trashy.   No need to let it all hang out.  That goes for you too fellas.   You both  can wear business attire or jeans and still look classy.

Grammy always said at least have your hair combed, lipstick on and clean clothes. You know what? She’s right.


A Sell is a Sell ~Part 2

In our previous post, A Sell is a Sell we talked about what a ‘sell’ is.

In Part 2 we cover the  what a salesman’s job is.

Pretty simple really. Everybody wants something. Your job Is to figure it out. 

Most customers want YOU to lead them to something or suggest something.  And YES, you can do it without being a pest.

The power of suggestion is incredible!salesman

So is knowledge. KNOW what you have and some great reasons WHY they need it.

When a customer comes onto your car lot, he’s in the market for a car. He obviously needs a set a wheels. All you have to do is find out which one.

When a customer comes into your jewelry store, They are looking for ‘special’. Find it.

When that same customer stops by you café… They are hungry. Suggest some items that are tasty.

A No-No- Do not sell your customer on something they truly can not afford.

Get the idea?





A Sell is a sell. Period.

Today I read a question with interest- “What are the best sales practices or incentives?”  This was geared towards obvious mega corporations and for encouraging better sales from their reps.

A Sell is a Sell. Pretty simple, huh?

I grew up in a family of salesmen. I sold my first car the day I turned 18.  I was a veteran hash-slinger by 15.

What I know for certain, is that we all sell something every single day. The waitress upselling you rings instead of fries is Selling.  The cashier at the market telling you the daily deal is Selling. The guy putting your roof on is trying to Sell you an upgrade. The dancer is selling you  me 001a story on her performance.

Everybody is a salesman!

Every time you  try to convince your friends to go along with your crazy ideas- you are selling.

Every time you go to an interview, you are selling yourself. We use our salesmanship skills every single day.

It doesn’t matter if you are a doula, a waitress, a CEO, a crafter, a ‘salesman’, a coach,  whatever you do-



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