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L-A-R-D you are a friend of mine!


How do I love thee? Let me list the ways~

Mouthwatering cakes, finger-licking good fried chicken, crispy onion rings….well you get the idea. But I could go on.

Potato Pancakes…. sizzling!

In todays world, most people cringe when you say LARD. “Whaaaaat?? Lard???? That’ll kill you! ”   In the past century some of the greatest recipes called for rendered lard.  Pork. Beef. Chicken. What do you think people used before all these processed oils???

(*ok.. besides the Italians, Greeks and Spanish that had a direct line to God with their olive oils.)

In the years we butcher a pig, we render our own.~ otherwise I suffer with Armour or Morrell  because it’s what we can find locally. Want to know how to render your own lard?? here’s a great link for making your own in the crock pot :

My grandmother made the moistest, richest chocolate cakes with lard. And I have made some incredible Chocolate/Apricot COOKIES with a recipe gleaned from an old boyfriends mom…. It was in  her WW2 era cookbook.1305759103-minimalistic-cookie-monster-pac-man-wallpaper

 Happy cooking!


Women on the Front Lines~ One woman’s opinion


There. I said it. A great big resounding N-O!

I believe that women have no business in Infantry. Not in any branch. Not at this time.  ~  I have debated this many times with my sons (Marine and Army) as well as with other current and former military from all branches. I was married into the Army and have the deepest respect for all branches.  (I have won no popularity contests with my views among other women)

That being said, it’s not that I do not think that there are women capable of what it takes to be an Infantryman. Quite the contrary.

It’s been a fact that since the beginning of time, women have played pivotal roles in warfare. From espionage to logistics and everything in between.

** My son, the Marine, actually just sent me this link from Capt Lauren Sorrano USMC on this very subject. Luckily she is far more eloquent than I.   Why Women do Not belong in the US Infantry **

My general thoughts are this:

A woman on the front lines is just trouble waiting to happen.  An “International Incident” at worst, an inconvenience at best.  It’s no secret, that with the exception of the European countries (Britain, France…) the other countries will do Whatever it Takes. Period. I can only imagine the difference between men and women being captured during wartime in this day and age. A man would expect to be tortured or worse. And we accept that. We do not want any of “Ours” to be captured by the enemy, but we understand that it happens.  ~A Woman could be captured and have unspeakable things done to her. I believe this would cause much dissent and division among Americans.   In general ‘we’ believe that women shouldn’t be treated that way. period. There would be outrage at her fate. I can imagine the good people would blame the Gov’t ‘How could you LET something like that happen to my daughter/wife/sister? WHY didn’t you TELL us???  Never mind that her Male counterpart was maimed beyond repair.

( Man or woman, when you sign up with any branch  of the United States Military it is with full knowledge that things CAN happen)

A woman in Combat also poses all sorts of other issues. Everything from Cramps and menstrual cycles (Really? You need to go find a bush NOW?) to the  logistics of having separate showers, lodging and more. Not to mention that SEX happens.  And trash talking, foul language, dirty jokes, racy stories and an occasional racist (perceived) remark are rampant. It’s War, It’s not personal. It’s blowing off steam. I would expect a woman to not get all worked up over it.   I know how ‘ladies’ talk… and let me tell you, many can out do a man any day of the week.

Women are not capable of sustaining the strength for long periods of time.

That women have fortitude, survival instincts, the ability to adapt is not a debate. It’s no secret that women ENDURE.

Raw strength is what I am talking about. I would expect that any woman who thinks she is capable of being Infantry – and we’re talking during an actual WAR, not just training exercises  to able to do EVERYTHING a man can. WITHOUT EXCEPTION.  She should not get   to do less or an ‘easier’ version of training just because she is a woman. I would expect her to be able to hump her own packs (and they’re not light!) for miles in all sorts of terrain and weather.  I would also expect her to be able to, at the drop of a pin, be able to haul my soaking wet 200 lb son to safety. The same as I expect it from him.

Mentally, I am on the fence. I believe that women, by nature, to be far more ruthless than men.  Women have an innate ability to tune of the static and just get on with the task at hand.  It’s the aftermath that may prove trickier for women.  Women may hesitate to kill.  A hesitation, no matter if it’s just a millisecond, could get an entire platoon killed.


Let me say here- that while I do not agree with women on the front lines, if at all possible, I would expect that every single woman who joins any branch of the service, to be  ready and willing to do whatever is necessary to protect her country if push comes to shove. In the event a MASH or a camp was attacked ( or something like that) I would fully expect every woman to pick up arms and defend to the end. To never give up. Period. I expect every single woman in the Military to be able to do damn everything a man can. From being a mechanic to a leader and in between.

As women we should consider ourselves lucky that we are not conscripted into service like some other countries. (Greece, Pakistan to name a couple).










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