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Sewing for Victory!


I have decided to join the Sew For Victory challenge. I stumbled onto to the Lucky Lucille blog.  And that’s how I foundvictory out about the challenge.
The goal is to sew an outfit from the 1940’s.
I think…NO…I KNOW  I can!!  My Grammy Helen was an accomplished seamstress and taught me many tricks. Grammy sewed for San Francisco’s upper crust. Many of mgrammyy outfits in the 70’s were made with scraps from these ladies. 😉

In fact, I sew on my other Grammy’s 1960 Kenmore !!

Though I will say I was NEVER a fan of polyester!

My Grammy learned to sew very, very young. And later as a war bride, she learned to make do with whatever was at hand. Including flour sacks.

It’s interesting that off and on over the years I have used the skills I didn’t really realize I had, to earn a living!

So in memory of her, I am doing the Sew for Victory Challenge.  I have not quite decided on a pattern yet, though I have an idea of what I want. The 1940’s were a great time for ladies fashions. Very flattering and feminine.

Lucky for me, I happen to posses a number of vintage 1940’s patterns… (Shhhhh… don’t tell!…taken from Grammy’s ‘stash’)  Ranging from kidspattern3pattern1 clothes and aprons to evening wear….

Keep an eye out for updates on my outfit!



Cemeteries and Churches

Dillon in the Presidio of SanFrancisco

Dillon in the Presidio of SanFrancisco

Cemeteries and Churches.

~ Both are things of immense beauty.

Even though ‘polite society’ says that we should not be enamored of the former, many of us are.

There is something reassuring about the carved angels that watch over our loved ones like silent sentinels. Or the view~ that often times sweeps for miles in any direction. And the hand worked markers, many of them delicate as lace. These all bespeak of the love we have for the departed.

Churches are not only places of worship. Many are architectural wonders. After all look at what the Mormons built in Utah, or St. Basils Cathedral or even Notre Dame. All built without so called ‘modern technology’.

The craftsmanship, the beauty and the pageantry ~ they draw me in.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~cemetary 016

I have photographed plenty of both from coast to coast and border to border. And there are some funny stories along the way.. Like the time #1 son not only tried out the Papal chair at the Basilica in Denver… he also took a literal bath in the Holy Water and then blithely said… “I may need it someday!”

– While I have tons of pictures, many were taken before the digital age took over… these are the ones I chose to scan…the rest are either in a box or were sold as sets.

Here some of my favorites places.

The Presidio at SanFrancisco is probably one of the first I ever photographed as a kid. My Grandparents and an Uncle are buried there. It’s history is phenomenal.  It has incredible vista’s. The view from my Grammy’s is of the Golden Gate Bridge.  But the Soldier on Guard gets me every time.

cemetary41 (2)cemetary 014

The Irish  “Calvary”  cemetery in Austin, Nevada is a personal favorite. Its hand carved statues were made with tender loving care by Icemetary 034rish craftsmen that worked the silver mines in the early 1900’s. (Austin is on Hwy 50) The first time I saw it, the boyz and I were on a trip to California, and as we passed through the town,  the setting sun caught the marble and made them come to life. You would swear that you can hear the angels sigh and see them weep. We have stopped every trip since, for it never  looks the same twice.  I also find it interesting that the “Poor Irish” were buried across the way.

cemetary 039cemetary 035cemetary 037

cemetary 033cemetary 038cemetary 030cemetary 028

cemetary 032cemetary 029cemetary 036cemetary 025

cemetary 026cemetary 027

The Mormon Temple  incemetary 008 Salt Lake City is a wonder indeed. Can you imagine building this work of art by hand? That’s exactly what these craftsmen did. Each block crafted and put in place by  hand.  If you have ever had the chance to wander the court yard, you know there are treasures tucked in everywhere. And the Tabernacle is a sight to behold. I have been many times over the years, and see something new each time. It’s especially magical in the winter when ever tree is lit with white lights. It seems to make the entire place more mythical, mysterious and ethereal.


cemetary 010cemetary 007

morman2cemetary 018

Carlin, NV- May grandpa Paul Ledoux was yardmaster here in the ’40’s.My dad and the older Aunts and Uncles went to church here. 

Somewhere in Kansas… I want to say between Salina and Newton… I don’t remember. But this little one was out in the middle of nowhere. On closer

inspection, the cemetery was all wrought iron scroll work.

cemetary 019kansas1

Cathedral of the Plains  Also in Kansas~ Victoria to be exact… The stained glass was incredible. When I originally printed the entire stained glass set, I did them on Vellum..

cemetary 024cemetary 023cemetary 022

And of course, some from random travels… L to R ` Silverplume, Co.   ~Ukrainian Catholic- Wilton, ND   ~ Leadville, Co   ~ Bismarck, ND

ukrainianleadvillecemetary 020

And some from the little local one by our farm in North Dakota.



And so it begins~

We are building a new house this spring. WE.. as in WE are doing ALL the finish work. We had the shell and rough plumbing contracted.


Have you ever done anything important TOGETHER???    It is challenging.

Todays challenge was we had to take down several trees so the house could go up. Two were dead. Two were my favorite little apple trees. 40 year old apple trees!

Beautiful, droopy, cozy little apple trees.

I was OK with the first three. But I totally turned Tree Hugger on the last one!

We had hubby’s dad come over and run the chain saw. Hubby wasn’t ready to trust me with either the tractor (with the cable)  or the chainsaw.

There they are in the background (with my cousins!)

There they are in the background (with my cousins!)

I personally think it was because we live in old school “Man’s Country” and some things are simply “Men’s Work”.


I can hear that old jingle from George of the Jungle… “George. George… George of the Jungle…watch out for that treeeeeeeeeeeee”

Stay Tuned…


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